We LOVE houses!  And everything in them.  This is your one stop shop for advice on choosing the right home, moving, designing the space so it will work for you, renovating, remodeling, decorating, designing & building your own furniture, and finally renting or selling it for a profit!  We have done all of the above in the past five years, and it’s been one crazy ride.  But we have learned so much along the way, and now people are constantly asking me for advice!  We wanted to find a way to share our story and everything we have learned, and since we probably aren’t the next Chip and Jo, I’m starting with a blog.  We started with pretty much nothing, and now we own this incredible farmhouse in one of the most expensive markets in the country.  We are right by the beach, so there is definitely a market for vacation homes, and vacation rentals, and boy have we taken advantage of that!

 Our new farmhouse!

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